In 2016, during the winemakers dinner, the auction sale was organized in favor of the Grégory Lemarchal’s Society, which purpose is to offer to person with cystic fibrosis hospitalization conditions the warmest possible.
You can find below the 11 wooden boxes which we had the pleasure to see participating for the 18th edition.

Photo credit : Christophe LECLERE – Le Petit Monde –

Testimonies :

“It is always with a great and real plaesure that I artistically participate to this events in Aniane, most of all to the auction sale for the profit of a noble cause that is the one of Gregory Lemarchal” Christophe Aichelmann

“This convivial moment is under the epicurial sign doubled, this time, of a donation call for the Gregory Lemarchal’s Society for which I am an enthusiastic admirer from the very beginning. The word BREATH comes to my mind instinctively to  merge the winemakers and Gregory… Breath the wine in order to search in it a personnality…Breath with open lungs for all the people touch by the cystic fibrosis, thing that the Society tries to do while fighting with fierce… So this word will be my vector of creation for this wooden box this year. Thank you for proposing me this great meeting that I will never miss!” Dysabo