Prepare Christmas on the

9th & 10th December 2023

at the 

Domaine de la Grande Sieste 

A selection of high quality wine and food exhibitors have been cautiously chosen by the Festival des Vins d’Aniane association.

Saturday 9th december : From 10am to  8pm

Sunday 10th december : From 10am to 6pm


The entry fees will be 3€ and will allow you the entry with a tasting glass.

During a weekend in december, in order to please your desire and not to wait for the next edition of the Festival, the association has decided to create the Christmas market of the Festival des Vins d’Aniane !

The 5th edition on December 9th & 10th will take place in the exceptionnal location of the Domaine de la Grande Sieste.

From Black pork form Bigorre, Foie gras, seafood to Aniane’s best winemakers, everything will be there to satisfy you.

On site, you will be able to taste the wine and products , buy you christmas presents but also enjoy directly the food and wine for a lunch, a dinner, a snack…

The entry fees will be 3€ and will allow you the entry with a tasting glass.

Wines :

Mas de Daumas Gassac – (34) Aniane
Mas de la Séranne – (34) Aniane
Mas Laval – (34) Aniane
Domaine de la Grande Sieste – (34) Aniane
Domaine Croix de Saint Privat – (34) Aniane
Domaine des Conquêtes – (34) Aniane
Domaine des Esperelles – (34) Aniane
Domaine de l’Anio – (34) Aniane
Château Capion – (34) Aniane
Domaine Fons Sanatis – (34) Saint Jean de Fos
Domaine Alexandrin – (34) Saint Jean de Fos
Domaine Coston – (34) Puéchabon
Mas des Brousses – (34) Puéchabon
Mas des Colibris – (34) Gignac
La grange des Copains – (34) Nébian 

Local products :

Foie gras  – Maison Paris (40) Pomarez
Ham – Maison Padouen (65) Bigorre
Caviar Maison Boutary (75) Paris
Oysters – Patrice Breseghello (34) Loupian
Cheese Roquefort Gabriel Coulet (12) Roquefort-Sur-Soulzon
Snails – L’escargot des vignes (11) Comigne
Olive oil – Mas Palat (34) Gignac
Cakes – Maison Cabiron (34) Montpellier
Chocolate – Pâtisserie Vaisse (34) Aniane
Christmas bread – Pâtisserie Vaisse (34) Aniane

Champagne & Wines from other regions  :

Cave les Petits Bouchons – (34) Aniane