The taste workshops will be presented by Daniel Roche, adviser sommelier and founder of the Epicuvin club, biggest non-professional tasting club of Languedoc.

Passionate by wine and its environment, Daniel Roche is a major defender of southern crus and dedicates himself to the creation and formation of wine surrounding events.

We would like the thank Daniel Roche, as well as the Epicuvin’s volunteers who will work by his sides to present you those exceptional workshops.

Saturday 20th, July 12:30pm 

On resgistration – 1h30 – 30€

“Round-the-world-trip of the greatest beef races”
with Boris Leclercq owner of the “Restaurant Les oreilles et la queue ” at Paris and the Domaine la Grande Sieste at Aniane

There is not only one type of beef meat but, various one who change of flavour, texture according to the race and their terroir… Some true wonders that nature is ready to offer the gastronoms. This is what Boris Lelcercq of the parisian restaurant “Les oreilles et la queue”  will be presenting for the “taste workshop”. You’ll taste six fabulous meat coming from all around the world : Aubrac, Black Angus, Blonde de Galice, Wagyu… All will be taken from the most noble pieces and received 4 to 18 weeks of maturation for an unmatched taste and tenderness. Then, they’ll be cooked on a grill or stir-fry with butter to take out of it their quintessence. Here is a rare tasting for gourmets, paired with some delicious wines of Aniane, most definitely the best friends of exceptionnal meet…

Saturday 20th, July 5:30pm

On registration – 1h30 – 13€

“All-around-France trip of goat cheese”
By David Krutt , of “La Cloche à Fromage” at Montpellier
France is the country of 1001 goat cheese !.. In those conditions, it is hard to try them all… Being dry or fresh, whatever their shapes, their origin, their names… All Goat cheese have only one purpose : to give an intense pleasure to the amateurs. The pleasure will be guarranty during this “discovery workshop” where wiil be put forward less-known and rare cheese, all paired with the best white and red wines of Aniane !

Sunday 21st, July 12:30pm

On registration – 2h00 – 75€

“Carte Blanche to …Lionel Giraud*

du “Restaurant La Table Saint-Crescent” in Narbonne (Aude)

” Cooking. It is the most beautiful art, the most complet.
It involved our five sens, plus one : The one of giving the best out of yourself.”Lionel Giraud
Installed at Table Saint-Crescent in Narbonne and for a day in Aniane, the Chef Lionel Giraud propose an emotionnal, inventive, passionate, inspired by his trips, his encounters and, of course, his region, the Languedoc, cuisine.
Through hsi creations and his inspirationnal cooking, the chef seek to move with its sincere and authentic preparations but also dishes that are breaking the codes, pairing local products to the rare and original taste.
This is what we will discover during this workshop where the chef will be along side its sommelier Albert Malongo Ngimbi who recently obtained the Michelin Sommelier price 2019.Don’t miss this momnet who’ll be even more thrillingas 6 grand wines of Aniane’s region will be paired to add to this happy encounter.

Infos and registration:

Numbers of seats limited
         Aniane’s abbey
Tél. : 06 33 86 18 33 – 04 67 57 71 28

Mandatory registration!

Pour revivre l’atelier avec le chef Eric Cellier, durant l’édition 2017 :